Love Under Stars

Let me take you by the hand from our cabin into the night I will have a flashlight see in case it is too dark Let me lay you down upon a blanket and and say it will be alright joke just want to thank you for teaching me how to park Rest your head down now in my arm, lay you next to me We'll stretch our hands through the autumn air I'll grab Orion for you and then I'll swear yes to add the sea Promises and desires, "oh other people?" I don't care.. Because this ain't about no astronomy and I'm not really talking about no cars I just want you kissin' me Want to love you under the stars Supposed to be writing a verse for you but no words capture what I feel You're better to me than a man could ask and you treat my family right Have to fight hard from drifting here, you keep me on an even keel The miles now between us - makes me missing our every time a night Don't mind no scandals on the calendar and their preachers of infamy Just want to brush your hair and touch your face under the West Virginia sky Those wights in all their burrows and the dead moaning of blasphemy should either go their way or cheer when I kiss that tatoo on your thigh don't say you ain't no Venus as I slip off that dress you're beautiful as Hell to me and you make me feel like Mars your blonde hair body in the moonlight kill me my sorceress have to have your spell round me, and love you under the stars.